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Exhibitions: Now Showing and Upcoming

Events and Programs

  • 1:00pm Tue 25 Jun
  • 1:00pm Wed 26 Jun
  • 5:00pm Sat 29 Jun

The Warrnambool Art Gallery

The Warrnambool Art Gallery is owned and operated by the Warrnambool City Council as a memorial to Sir Fletcher Jones.

The gallery program is presented with the assistance of the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

The collection

Established in 1886, the Warrnambool Art Gallery offers a diverse collection of artworks, from elegant European salon paintings to the Avant-garde modernism of the Angry Penguins.

Artworks range from the romanticised colonial landscapes of Eugene Von Guerard and Louis Buvelot, to contemporary Australian printmaking by Juan Davila, Barbara Hanrahan and Ray Arnold.

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